Samba's base64 encoder/decoder

Mohan Narayanaswamy mohann at
Wed Apr 7 20:11:34 MDT 2010

Hi Everyone,


I am trying to use samba3's ntlm_auth (gss-spnego helper) /winbindd
utilities for performing NTLM pass-through authentication against a AD

My application uses libb64 ( ) and I am
facing a problem while sending "KK base64 encoded Type1 SPNEGO blob". 


Libb64 breaks ( inserts "\n" ) the output line after every 76 characters
and expects the decoder to ignore the  "\n".  ( most base64 encoders
claims that this is a standard)

But samba's base64 decoder does not seem to ignore the "\n".  


Should I use only samba's encode/decode when I play with ntlm_auth ?


Any help is much appreciated.




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