proposal: merge waf build of s4 to master

Matthieu Patou mat+Informatique.Samba at
Wed Apr 7 09:32:28 MDT 2010

>   >  This is not the point. It is just silly from my point of
>   >  view not to use and incrementally improve what we have. The
>   >  current build system works for Samba3, and you have not
>   >  given me enough benefits our end-users will have when we
>   >  throw away the current system.
> Once Kai has done the s3 build, then please do him the courtesy of
> trying it. Maybe you'll be surprised and you'll find you actually like
> it.
As a side question, for the moment if we do a merged build will it still 
use the s4 autoconf stuff to build ?
Is there a plan from kai to once he finish his s3 waf stuff to have the 
merged build done by waf also ?


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