proposal: merge waf build of s4 to master

tridge at tridge at
Mon Apr 5 04:46:56 MDT 2010

Hi Volker,

 > As I said: As long as a normal ./configure;make on a
 > standard default Solaris install works, I'm fine with
 > anything. If it means we also have to ship perl and python,
 > so be it.

I think solaris has come with python for quite a long time. I
installed a OpenSolaris box last month and got python in the
install. I don't think I had to do anything special to get that
(although perhaps its because I asked for a developer install?).

I think that if/when we get to the point that we are considering not
supporting the old build system at all, then it would probably be
better to make the script offer to download/build perl and
python if it's missing, rather than actually putting python and perl
tarballs inside our tarball. Systems without python and perl are
getting quite rare these days.

Cheers, Tridge

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