proposal: merge waf build of s4 to master

Kai Blin kai at
Mon Apr 5 03:39:39 MDT 2010

On Friday 02 April 2010 07:13:44 tridge at wrote:
(Messed up the samba-technical cc, sorry for the resend tridge)

> I'd now like to propose that the waf build of Samba4 move to stage 2,
> which means merging it into master.

+1. Looks reasonable for me. 

> The build farm would continue to build with both build systems, as it
> does now. Once the s3 waf build that Kai is working on has progressed
> to the point where it is useful, I expect we will add a s3-waf build
> in the build farm as well.

Unfortunately I didn't have quite as much time to put into the S3 waf build as 
I'd have liked. I'm hoping to have s3 building at least on some machines by 
SambaXP, though, so other people can give this a try in the hacking room.

> I don't think any of these things are reason enough to delay a merge
> into master however, with the proviso that the old build system is
> still the 'reference' build system that we recommend.

As I said before, I think this is a reasonable step.


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