GSoC 2010 - Create GUI or command-line tools for displaying /proc/fs/cifs statistics and and mount/session status

Ionut Cristian Paraschiv paraschiv.ionut at
Sat Apr 3 08:14:32 MDT 2010


   My name is Ionut Cristian Paraschiv, and I am from Romania. I am a
student in the 2nd year at Politehnica University of Bucharest, Faculty of
Automatic Control and Computers, Computers Science Department. I like to
program in C, Java, languages that I am very familiar with. I also have some
knowledge of assembly language, bash scripting, basic networking and working
with Unix based systems (I have a Linux professional certificate).
   I have read many project lists, and this one seems quite interesting. I
have some experience in C programming, and I would like to develop my skills
in this direction.
  By the end of the project, what it will must be able to do? Build some
kind of graphical user interface with chart statistics and the status of
/mount/session/ ? This is all ?

Thank you,

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