[GSoC 2010] Questions on Improved async/vector i/o support, fscache integration, and VFS change notification

Mohammed Gamal m.gamal005 at gmail.com
Fri Apr 2 13:56:34 MDT 2010

Hello All,
I am Mohammed Gamal, a student interested in joining Samba for GSoC
2010. I am mainly interested in kernel-level projects, and I have some
questions that I'd appreciate some feedback for. I participated in
GSoC 2008 for the Linux Foundation where I did some improvements for
KVM's realmode support on VMX, and this was my first exposure to
kernel-level coding. I have pretty good experience with C, and x86

- I am mainly interested in kernel-level projects, yet I am a kernel
and Samba newbie. So my first question is whether it could be possible
to join with this background, and would it work out?

- VFS change notification: My understanding on a very high level is
that a mechanism is needed for the smb server to respond to
inotfiy/dnotify calls, push these calls to the clients who have the
corresponding shares mounted, and then reflect these changes on their
ends. Is that understanding correct? And which operations need to be
done in kernel space? Which other need to be done in userspace? And
what are the boundaries between the two?

- fscache Integration: My understanding is that it provides support
for file systems to cache files and support disconnected operations,
but I still have my share of reading to do about fscache, and perhaps
need to look at how it's done in NFS. Are there any special
considerations for this project? Can someone please give me some more
insight on what exactly needs to be done?

- Improved async/vectored i/o support: My understanding is that this
is not a "project" per se. But instead the student can work on
tackling each of the suggested ideas (and others, as agreed with the
mentors). Am I correct? And would this be a good play ground for a

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