Windows7 MTLMv2 128-bit encryption question

Tsai.Spencer at Tsai.Spencer at
Tue Sep 8 07:50:16 MDT 2009

Hi there,


I am new to this list and find no topics about my question in list.


I tried to upgrade and setup SAMBA for Windows7 users to access samba share folders in Linux server side, but always got failed.

And meanwhile, Windows2003, XP and Vista users can access this SAMBA server without problems.


Here’s my server information:

OS:                   SLES 10 SP1 i386

SAMBA:           3.3.4

Security:          ADS, domain member server of Microsoft 2003 AD

ACL:                 All SAMBA share folder privileges are controlled by script of “setfacl” list.


I searched one workaround method that configuring in Windows7 client side, and it really works:

Control Panel - Administrative Tools - Local Security Policy 

Local Policies - Security Options 

Network security: LAN Manager authentication level 

Send LM & NTLM responses

Minimum session security for NTLM SSP

Disable Require 128-bit encryption


Is there any method to setup SAMBA to support NTLMv2 128-bit encryption of Windows7?

Just because of modifying client side security and customize Windows7 security registry will violet our company security rules.


Thank you.


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