Novgorodsky, Sergey sergeynovgorodsky at
Tue Sep 29 00:58:42 MDT 2009

Hi -

I have my VFS module, it doesn't support ACLs -
I set errno=ENOTSUP and return NULL/-1 in all POSIX ACL operations.
I do the same in NT ACL functions (get_nt_acl, fget_nt_acl, fset_net_acl) - set ENOTSUP and return
map_nt_error_from_unix(errno), but that seems to cause problems on Win 2003 server, some
applications receive NT_ACCESS_DENIED error when trying to delete or create file on my Samba share.
I can see in log.smbd that it happens after get_nt_acl() call in my module.

Is it correct to return ENOTSUP from get_nt_acl() in my module? Should I somehow disable ACL support to
avoid these problems?


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