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Fri Sep 25 04:58:25 MDT 2009

Hi *,

now that I have your attention here comes a gentle reminder :-)

There is one fraction of Samba coders that happily add new trailing
whitespace into the code, and one fraction of Samba coders that happily
remove whitespace whenever they touch a piece of code.

While I guess we shouldn't dictate the way people are used to code I think
we should just make use of a very cool feature of git that can solve this
annoyance for both fractions very easily with causing any additional

My I suggest that everyone adds this:


        whitespace = strip
        whitespace = strip
        whitespace = strip


into their ~/.gitconfig file ?

That way git will take care of removing trailing whitespace automatically
whenever you checkin or move code, or whenever patches are applied (also
when you rebase your current work on top of any other branch).

Thank you for your attention & happy coding,


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