status of DRS efforts in Samba4 (and a developer tutorial)

Matthias Dieter Wallnöfer mdw at
Wed Sep 23 10:14:21 MDT 2009


I will remove the patch from my branch soon. Then I would like to see 
the second LDIF patch in the right ordering from you - like I did before.


Andrew Kroeger schrieb:
> Matthias Dieter Wallnöfer wrote:
>> Andrew Kroeger schrieb:
>>> Matthias Dieter Wallnöfer wrote:
>>>> Andrew Kroeger,
>>>> your work is highly appreciated. I applied your patches in a 
>>>> slightly different version...
>>> Matthias:
>>> My contributions are mine, as are yours!
>>> I have looked at your Git repository and you must separate my 
>>> contributions from yours!!  If you do not, it looks like I have 
>>> submitted my changes as well as yours, all as part of my contribution.
>>> Please take my submitted patches and commit your additions as 
>>> additional patches on top of them.
> Matthias:
>> To be honest I don't see this as a major issue if I adapted your 
>> patch a little bit. I didn't like the place where you inserted the 
>> objects since I prefer to keep an ordering in the LDIFs (worked hard 
>> over the summer to introduce this).
>> Well, the comments - okay - I cut put them in a standalone commit.
> I'm not taking issue with the work you have put into Samba 4.  In 
> fact, I very much appreciate the work you are doing!
> What I do have an issue with is attributing changes to me that are not 
> actually mine.  If my proposed changes are acceptable as I submitted 
> them, please merge them.  If you have issues with what I have 
> submitted, please do one of two things:
> 1.  Reject my proposed patch and request I make changes in order to 
> get it accepted.
> 2.  Accept my proposed patch -- in its whole, un-modified -- and add 
> additional commits under your name to correct any issues you find with 
> my proposed patch.
> I need this to happen for a number of reasons:
> 1.  I put a lot of work into the changes I propose.  This work 
> includes running a full make test (over one hour of my time) to verify 
> my submitted changes.
> 2.  My proposed changes are just that -- mine.  If there are any 
> issues with my submission (code, style, quality, etc.) please address 
> those issues to me and I will deal with them.
> 3.  If you adopt a policy of modifying contributions of others (while 
> keeping the attribution of the changes under the original submitter's 
> name), where do you "draw the line"?  What may start out as minor 
> changes to someone's submission has the potential to evolve to more 
> substantial changes, while maintaining attribution to the original 
> submitter.  Potential submissions (especially from corporate 
> employees) may be stifled for legal reasons if there is any concern 
> that the initial contribution may be modified, yet still attributed 
> back to the original contributor.
>> If you are *very* unhappy with my changed patch (I kept also your 
>> name - since the innovation is from you) - I can rework it (split it 
>> up). Anyway the next time I will comment if I don't like something in 
>> your patches and let you correct this before I take it
> As I addressed the issue above, please split my contribution and your 
> changes into separate commits -- my contribution and your changes to 
> re-order and add additional comments in the code.
> Sincerely,
> Andrew Kroeger

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