status of DRS efforts in Samba4 (and a developer tutorial)

Chris Bennett chris at
Fri Sep 18 19:53:00 MDT 2009

Hi again,

> You will have something like this in a file called
>   xxx        IN A
>   gc._msdcs		IN CNAME	xxx
>   4c9599b3-f661-4015-afc0-076e087d873d._msdcs	IN CNAME	xxx
> where 'xxx' is the name of the first DC, and that GUID will be
> different. You need to add two lines like this:
>   yyy	   IN A   192.168.242.NNN
>   67ed30f3-4375-4fbb-b38c-4e51eabab098._msdcs IN CNAME yyy
> where 'yyy' is the 2nd DC, and NNN is the final part of its IP.
> Then you need to either restart bind, or run "rndc reload" and "rndc
> flush".
> eventually we will automate that part, but for now you need to do it
> manually. Sorry about that!

No worries - I'd actually done that during my debugging and
subsequently got the token error - I wasn't sure at what point I might
have broken things so subsequent attempts, I'd stopped adding the
CNAME record.  Thanks for clarifying that.

> 2) the 2nd problem is a bug that I introduced in the last couple of
> days. I'm hoping to fix it today, but if I haven't fixed it by the
> time you try this again then you need to remove the chunks of code in
> rpc_server/drsuapi/*.c that look like this:

Your suggestion worked perfectly.  I now have replication between my
two S4 servers - very cool! :)

Thanks for the prompt reply.


Chris Bennett

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