status of DRS efforts in Samba4 (and a developer tutorial)

tridge at tridge at
Fri Sep 18 14:56:51 MDT 2009

Hi Eduardo,

 > Using this fresh repository, quick test was not running well:
 > FAILED (0 failures and 37 errors in 14 testsuites)
 > make: *** [quicktest] Error 1
 > Then I tried to use an older version (d106e728fb0c59900c289055c97f424e4f5d3c75)
 > and I got the "All OK" output.
 > Is this an issue?

yes, if quicktest is broken then that is bad :-)

You should first check though if it's just broken build
dependecies. Try to re-run the ./ and ./configure steps,
then try "make clean; make" and see if that solves it. If that does
help then it just means our internal build dependecies are broken
(which is very common).

If it's still broken then you can try and debug it, or you could post
logs of the errors and we can try to give you some tips. I suspect
you'll find that it is just build dependecies though.

Cheers, Tridge

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