[PATCH] : script to rebuild extended DN attributes

Matthieu Patou mat at matws.net
Fri Sep 11 15:17:12 MDT 2009


>>>> I still don't know what the modify_modules stuff is doing in there
>>>> however. Shouldn't that be replaced by doing a provision
>>>> --partitions-only to fix up the module list (etc)?

As I wish to settle quite quickly on this as I don't like to keep to 
much things waiting I'm reussing a patch for rebuildextendeddn but 
without the modify_modules that is mostly targeted for me in fact ...
>>> Maybe a good solution but not so long time ago provision
>>> --partitions-only used to smashed secrets.ldb is it still the case ?
>> I think it still does, but we can fix that. (yet more options...). It
>> is about to get a lot more use as we start looking seriously at
>> replication.
> Sure I can even propose a patch, the thing is that I have two big way to
> do it:
> * add a cumulative option like --but-please-do-not-smash-secrets.ldb
> * add another option more like --only-partition-structure
> What suits you best ? other suggestions ?
> Matthieu.

Once I'll have finish the updateschema script I'll see what can be done 
here ... personnaly I am for adding an option to rebuildextendeddn to 
automaticaly adds neededs modules so that extended dn works (and so that 
the script do really something ...) this option can do a provision 
--only-partition-structure behind the sceen or what ever is more clever 
to acheive this goal. The other option is to run ./provision 
--only-partition-structure alone and then run (and rerun) 

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