[PATCH] s4:pwsettings: Enhancements and add tests (bz#4837)

Matthias Dieter Wallnöfer mwallnoefer at yahoo.de
Thu Sep 10 07:55:05 MDT 2009

Andrew Kroeger,

if you like to continue to work on the passwords in s4: I had a patch to 
samba4.blackbox.passwords which I never applied since it seemed to fail 
on certain circumstances. If you want to work on it: I'd post it here or 
give you the URL in my personal public GIT repo.

The next step afterwards would be to enhance the LDB module 
"password_hash" or write a new one which contains basically the content 
of "samdb_set_password". So this method has to be "cleared" but possibly 
the interface should remain the same - if not possible the five or six 
calls in the code must be adapted.

Please let me know about your thoughts.


Andrew Kroeger schrieb:
> All:
> Please find attached a set of patches that provide some enhancements 
> to the setup/pwsettings script and also add blackbox tests.
> These patches are also available in the wip branch of my 
> git://github.com/id10ts/samba.git repo.
> Note that although the samba4.blackbox.passwords fails in master, I 
> have run the test locally after reverting 
> fdd62e9699b181a140292689fcd88a559bc26211 and 
> 9c4827e433e675292892bc82743d885b53574c9a (as indicated in a separate 
> e-mail to the list).
> Sincerely,
> Andrew Kroeger

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