[SCM] Samba Shared Repository - branch master updated- release-4-0-0alpha8-349-g5334b79

Stefan (metze) Metzmacher metze at samba.org
Wed Sep 9 00:44:29 MDT 2009

Steven Danneman schrieb:
>> Thanks! The patch looks good. Can you please split it into 3 commit 1
>> per file and then push it to master?
>> metze
> Done.
> I have another issue I'm hoping you can shed some light on.
> I'm working on adding an oplock test which sets a Security Descriptor, =
to see if that causes an oplock break.  I noticed that we don't run RAW-A=
CLS as part of the normal "make test" and I assume that's because there's=
 no standard way of storing ACLs across file systems, thus no way to make=
 sure the tests will even pass.
> Yet, when I run "make test" with my oplock/ACL test the setting of the =
ACL seems to succeed.  I thought perhaps it was running with the acl_tdb =
VFS module, but I don't see that in any of the test scripts.
> Do you know what defaults "make tests" uses to deal with a SetSD call?

we're currently only using:
vfs objects =3D $BINDIR/xattr_tdb.so $BINDIR/streams_depot.so

It's up to Jeremy and Volker, if we want to add the acl_xattr module.

In the worst case you can disable the code path against samba3.


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