[Patch] Make samba4 return a correct Supported Encryption

Matthieu Patou mat+Informatique.Samba at matws.net
Mon Sep 7 13:43:59 MDT 2009

On 09/07/2009 10:40 AM, Andrew Bartlett wrote:
> On Mon, 2009-09-07 at 10:07 +0400, Matthieu Patou wrote:
>> Hello,
>> Please Find attached a patch that allow S4 to return correctly the
>> SupportedEncryption in the getDomainInfo RPC.
>> This patch make the assumption that by default if the
>> msDS-SupportedEncryptionTypes is not populated then the workstation
>> support all the encryption up to RC4 (same assumption as Windows 2008
>> and upper do).
> Didn't Microsoft indicate that this also depends on the 'DES' bit on the
> account?
> Or does this apply differently in the KDC to netlogon?
> Andrew Bartlett
I would rather be inclined to say that's the DES thing is only related 
to KDC because at the opposite of the PA-SUPPORTED-ENCTYPES the 
supportedEncryptionTypes in the getDomainInfo is to inform the client of 
what the server knows about it and not what the server knows about the 
desired service.


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