URGENT: printer problem under 3.3.7

William Jojo w.jojo at hvcc.edu
Fri Sep 4 09:03:52 MDT 2009

I (cross-)posted a few days ago about TDB files growing for individual 
printers. These TDB files are holding onto information about previous 
jobs after they have been printed.

This is on AIX 5.3 that was just upgraded from 3.0.31 about 20 days ago.

The problem now is we are bumping up against the "max print jobs" of 
1000 for some really busy queues.

Is there a way to remove this old information from the TDB file? 
Shouldn't Samba remove this knowledge after the job is printed?

I will file a bug in bugzilla about the details, but I was wondering if 
this is a known problem in some other thread since Bugzilla searches 
turned up not related for "print" and "tdb".


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