Using a VFS module to affect MSDFS root shares

Constantine Vetoshev gepardcv at
Wed Sep 2 19:49:22 MDT 2009

On Wed, Sep 2, 2009 at 9:02 AM, Matthieu Patou<mat at> wrote:
> Do you plan to work on this module ? because in fact it turns out that for
> supporting domain base dfs samba might need this module as dfs namespace,
> dfs root and dfs links are stored into the AD.

Yes, I will be working on this module, but I honestly don't know when
I'll get around to it. My early experiments show that the general idea
of faking symlinks inside stat(), lstat(), and readlink() seems to
work, and doesn't require all that much code.

Would the proposed module have to write its own AD query code from
scratch, or is there already a layer in Samba which makes looking up
DFS links somewhat easy? Is this an LDAP lookup of some kind? (Sorry
for asking such basic questions, but I've never ventured outside of
Samba's basic VFS functionality, and know very little about Windows.)
Also, is the module you're thinking of for Samba3 or Samba4?

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