DRS student project (introductions)

tridge at samba.org tridge at samba.org
Wed Sep 2 17:03:14 MDT 2009

Hi Crístian,

I thought this would be a good time to introduce you to the rest of
the Samba development community.

Cristian is a student at Unicamp in Brazil, working on a project to
improve the DRS replication in Samba4. He is really just getting
started on the project at the moment, so he is still learning his way
around the code, but he is hoping to be able to make a useful
contribution to the project over the next few months. Unicamp is
putting quite an effort into this, and they hope to have a few more
students working on this along with Cristian soon.

Cristian, I have CCd a few people who are also working on DRS in
Samba4. I thought I'd let you know who they are so you know them when
they post to the samba-technical list.

Stefan Metzmacher: Metze wrote most of the base DRS code that we are
currently using in Samba4. He did an amazing job, as he didn't have
any documentation at the time. Metze worked on this as part of his
thesis at a university in Germany. Metze is our main DRS guru and
offers a lot of suggestions on how we should design the replication.

Andrew Bartlett: Andrew is leading the overall Samba4 project, and he
is working closely with me on the DRS components. When I do a commit
related to DRS it is common that the code was written with Andrew
commenting and suggesting over my shoulder, so really my commits
should be half attributed to Andrew.

Anatoliy Atanasov: Anatoliy is working on the DRS replication server,
to try to take us from the current pull only replication to both push
and pull. Anatoliy has made a lot of great progress recently, having
now demonstrated the first pull of DRS objects from a S4 server using

Kamen Mazdrashki: Kamen is working on the smbtorture test suite for
DRS. Having a good test suite is going to be really important for
working out what we need to do, and ensuring that the code stays
working once we get it working in the first place.

Simo Sorce: Simo is the guardian of ldb, which is the database backend
for all the work we are doing. He tries to make sure we don't do
anything too evil (ie. unmaintainable!) while building the DRS code.

(I hope I haven't forgotten anyone! My apologies if I have)

I hope the above introductions are useful in getting you started! You
have probably noticed that things are moving quite fast at the
moment. A few months ago I put together a suggested project plan for
your work which you have been looking at, but please be aware that a
lot of progress has been made since I put that together. You should
watch the commits that are done by everyone into the Samba4 git tree,
especially commits by the above people and by myself, so that you can
follow the progress and work out how you can best contribute. Please
ask questions on this list about any of the work that is being done.

I know you also are still getting setup with your development
environment, and that you still need to study DRS a lot before you can
start making contributions, but hopefully if you watch what is being
done by the above people you will be able to pick things up a bit

Cheers, Tridge

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