linked attributes, DRS and abusing the ldb modules API

Stefan (metze) Metzmacher metze at
Wed Sep 2 07:04:53 MDT 2009

tridge at schrieb:
> Hi Metze,
>  > I think the repl_meta_data module should not pass the control down to
>  > the partition module when applying replicated changes. Then the
>  > partition module can find out the correct location of the object.
> That is what it used to do. It failed because the partition module
> found the object already existed when DRS was doing an add. This is
> because the partition module finds the object in the base partition.

I should not try an add if the object is already there.
I think the reason is that the search for the existing object doesn't
search in all partitions.

And/or there's something wrong in the vampire provision code.
Maybe we should also check the instanceType flags to see if
the object relongs to the current partition.

We also need to handle the case where a new subdomain is added to the
forest and the head object of the partition comes within the replication
of the domain nc.

I fear our concept of storing partitions in different ldbs is wrong...


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