linked attributes, DRS and abusing the ldb modules API

Stefan (metze) Metzmacher metze at
Wed Sep 2 03:14:19 MDT 2009

tridge at schrieb:
> Hi Metze,
> Andrew and I worked on this today, and I have just committed the
> solution we came up with. The solution currently only copes with the
> case where the linked attributes are sent as part of the messages, but
> it looks easy to extend to the higher functional levels (we plan to do
> that tomorrow).
> The solution we used is this:
>  1) we moved the repl_meta_data further up the module stack
>  2) we modified the linked_attributes module to gather all the linked
>  attributes changes that need to be made into a linked list, then
>  commit them all at once when the transaction commit comes in. 
>  3) we changed the vampire and repl code to wrap everything in a
>  single transaction
> The reason for the change is that we discovered cases where we got
> forward links that pointed at records that don't yet exist. Thus we
> needed to delay creating the backlinks until after all the DRS
> operations in a replication cycle have finished. The easiest way to do
> this was to do it in the transaction commit hook of the
> linked_attributes module (that was Andrew's idea, and while I was
> skeptical at first, I've warmed to the idea now!)
> We also needed to cope with the situation where a forward attribute is
> created for a record that is renamed during the replication
> cycle. That happens during the initial vampire run for the machine
> account of the samba server, as it moves from OU=Computers to
> OU=Domain Controlers. The forward linked attributes pointing at this
> record come across with a DN pointing at the old location. We cope
> with that by updating the DN using the GUID during the commit phase.

I like that approach! Thanks!

The repl_meta_data modules comes before the partition module now, right?
Then we also catch the case where we have replicated
CN=configuration,DC=DOMAIN as part of the replication cycle of DC=DOMAIN.


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