NLM and CTDB recovery master node failure

Sergey Kleyman Sergey.Kleyman at
Thu Oct 29 02:41:01 MDT 2009

Hi, all

I'm trying to implement clustered Samba on my cluster file system by
using Samba+CTDB (version 3.4.2). I noticed on CTDB wiki page
( the following sentence:

"To become a recovery master, a node must be able to acquire an
exclusive lock on that file."

So I am wondering how CTDB deals with recovery master failure. What
happens if the node, CTDB recovery master is running on, has hardware
failure and doesn't come up for a very long time (or even never)? NLM
server of the underlying clustered file system will hold the lock until
the client comes back up which might never happen so remaining nodes
will not be able to select a new leader because none of them will be
able to acquire an exclusive lock. Am I missing something?

Thank you in advance, Sergey

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