Python Utility for manipulate the password properties (Samba4)

Sassy Natan sassyn at
Tue Oct 27 06:58:42 MDT 2009

Hi all

On February 2009, Andrew ask for volunteer to write a small python script to
manipulate the password properties (such
as minPwdAge, maxPwdAge, minPwdLength and pwdProperties). You can see it

I want to write this small utility by myself, cause all my users seems to
forget every time there complex password, and cant change to there default
one since there is password history time.

I have 10 users who drive me crazy - so I think it is about time to write
this one.
I use Samba4 alpha8 with openldap backend. - Works great for 6 mouth now :-)

Andrew, Can u please provide a starting point, where should I change the
parameters? Is it only require to change some attribute in the AD objects?
If this is a python script them I think I can handle this, but if it
requires C/C++ Knowledge then I might need help here

Let me know
And thanks again for everything

The new Replication (Samba4<->Samab4) (Samab4<->AD) is amazing - I don't
know how to u know this stuff

Sassy :-)

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