in-memory LDBs

Kamen Mazdrashki kamen.mazdrashki at
Mon Oct 26 15:57:17 MDT 2009


I was looking for mechanism to create an LDB in memory for testing purposes.
And as I found out, there is no such a feature implemented.
It should not be too hard to be implemented when backend used is TDB though.
What do you think about this?

I am considering to use some binary data in torture tests. For example:
data received on the wire from Windows could be saved as binary file
and used later for regression testing - should be very quick and handy.
However, there are functions that are reading data from LDB connection.
This will lead to making LDB files to store binary data for testing...
The problem with this approach is that in the end, we will have chunks of 
data stored in a LDB and to "peek" what this data is, we will have to 
modify/read LDB contents. It doesn't sound very convenient.

So I prefer the approach of having small binary files. And during 
test_case setup those binary files to be read and in-memory LDB to be
constructed in a way, that is suitable for the specific test.

Any thoughts?

Kamen Mazdrashki
kamen.mazdrashki at

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