ext4 - getting at birth time (file create time) and getting/setting nanosecond time stamps and utime

Henrik Nordstrom henrik at henriknordstrom.net
Thu Oct 22 18:39:27 MDT 2009

tor 2009-10-22 klockan 16:50 -0500 skrev Steve French:

> Time granularity of 1 second on ext3 is so atrociously bad, and ext3
> is so common,
> that I see obvious reason why Samba server would want to store 100
> nanosecond time stamps (in xattrs) for this very common case.

Which breaks down somewhat if the same file is accessed via other means.

> It would be very confusing to some Windows apps to have time on files seem to
> move backwards (due to rounding to 1 second granularity) - to set the
> time to something and have the time when next retrieved (on average)
> a 1/2 second earlier than what they just set.

But still 1 second better on average than Windows fileservers with a FAT


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