prefixMap refactoring

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Wed Oct 21 03:34:24 MDT 2009

Pushed, thanks :)

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> Hi guys,
> Here is another portion of patches for prefixMap refactoring.
> Next step is to integrate this code in dsdb_schema implementation.
> Please review and push (if everything is fine).
> While gathering data for testing, I've stumbled upon a Major problem
> with W2K8 prefixMap implementation. For some reason, w2k8 prefixMaps
> are constructed in different way than described in MS-DRSR :(
> So different, that I can't figure out how to use those maps for
> decoding OIDs.
> As the logs a large for posting them in the list, I will upload them
> somewhere and write again here - no need to mention that
> any help in cracking w2k8 prefixMaps will be highly appreciated.
> Btw, I've create few utility scripts in Python for BER encoded OIDs,
> parsing DSSYNC test log to gather data for testing and
> prefixMap encode/decode to help me. I don't know if those
> script will make use for anyone in the samba4 team and I can't
> figure out where to put them in the source tree...
> I am attaching them as well though.
> Thanks,
> Kamen Mazdrashki
> kamen.mazdrashki at
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