flood of msgs to list (and request for volunteer moderators!)

tridge at samba.org tridge at samba.org
Mon Oct 19 17:22:06 MDT 2009

Hi All,

You may have noticed a flood of old messages on the list today. This
is because I just went through the moderator backlog in mailman,
accepting messages from people who were not subscribed.

To prevent a flood like this in the future I'd like to get one or two
volunteers to act as moderators for samba-technical. The way it works
is this:

 - messages from subscribers go through with no moderation

 - messages from non-subscribers cause an email to the moderators, who
   then login to the mailman moderation interface (once every few days
   is fine)

 - in the moderation interface the moderator does the following

    1) if the posting looks genuine, then accept it, and mark the
    person as "always accept" from now on. That way if people send
    from the wrong address they don't need to fix their subscription.

    2) if the posting looks bogus (spam) then discard it, and mark the
    address as "always discard"

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