s4: "lp_workgroup()" vs. "lp_sam_name()"

Matthias Dieter Wallnöfer mdw at samba.org
Sun Oct 18 10:46:29 MDT 2009

Hi Andrews,

as I found out there exist two loadparm functions which perform nearly the same operation: "lp_workgroup()" returns always the workgroup or short domainnameand "lp_sam_name()" does this only when we are a DC. Otherwise it returns the "local (user-) domain" - the netbios name of our box. If we are a DC - all is okay. The difference we've only on standalone and member boxes.

There are more than 100 calls to those functions. Since I didn't find out which are the exact rules when to call the first - and when the latter we should do some better check since I doubt that all invocations are okay. So we should do also here a  cleanup (like with the realm and DNS domainname).

But here I really have no idea where the first call fits and where the second. Do you both (or also others) know about some rules? E.g. "on this pipe use always the first" or "the auth system should use always the second variant".

I need this also in one case for the password hash module (it has a "lp_workgroup" call at the moment but also here I don't know if it fits).



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