[IPA] Attribute Linking and Indexing

Stefan (metze) Metzmacher metze at samba.org
Fri Oct 9 00:53:01 MDT 2009

Hi Endi,

> Attached are the patch that I wanted to submit and the test results.
> It's supposed to fix some issues including bind credential and
> attribute linking configuration.
> The problem is there seems to be a memory corruption that I haven't
> managed to pinpoint, but I was able to get around it by checking for
> a null pointer (see the ldb_msg.c in the patch). The tests result is
> also inconsistent from one run to another (see attached files). What
> is the strategy for debugging memory corruption?
> This patch was created against an older revision from Sep 15:
> f410d23185f5c81dbc111285ea0ba9daf5fc111d
> I used this revision because it's the most stable one that I found
> so far.
> I tried using the latest revision in master branch but it failed
> to compile (implicit declaration of function 'isprint' in torture/
> smb2/streams.c).
> I also tried going back to a revision from Oct 7:
> d29409c1523b9d7ca9b3a7400bd9c94641decc46
> It compiled successfully, but the OpenLDAP test failed even before
> I applied my patch on it. It seems that the provisioning tool is
> generating some attribute values that are rejected by OpenLDAP.
> Is there anybody else testing OpenLDAP using the latest revision?
> I haven't got enough information to show you about the new issues,
> but how should I proceed from here? Should I continue debugging the
> latest revision and submit a single patch that fixes all of these
> issues? Or should I look for the newest revision that is stable
> enough and create a patch based on it? Or should I fix the issues
> separate issues, i.e. leave the attached patch as is and fix the
> new issues in a separate patch?

just a little comment on the patch,
1. please change // comments to /* */
2. split the patch into multiple patches one for each problem


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