dfree command script doesn't allow return value 0

J Douglas jdouglas70 at hotmail.com
Thu Oct 8 11:38:52 MDT 2009

I would like to make my readonly shares report 0 free space using the dfree command script.

But, smbd/dfree.c hardcodes min limits (I can use 1, but not 0 due to the following)  Is there a reason for this? Can it be removed/altered for future versions of smbd to allow the use of 0 as a return value from my dfree command script please?

SMB_BIG_UINT sys_disk_free(..)

 if (!*dsize)
   *dsize = 2048;
 if (!*dfree)
   *dfree = 1024; // i believe this resets the 0 to 1024

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