prefixMap refactoring

Stefan (metze) Metzmacher metze at
Wed Oct 7 09:22:43 MDT 2009

Kamen Mazdrashki schrieb:
> Andrew, Metze,
> Please find attached few patches on DRS:prefixMap refactoring.
> Patches from 0001 to 0006 redefine IDL definition for
> drsuapi_DsReplicaOID structure.
> Changes are propagated in code base.
> Note: Those changes does not add any value to current implementation.
> Implementation should work just as before - i.e. partial-OIDs are
> not handled correctly. 
> As for now, the only benefit is torture tests are working 
> with prefixMaps with partial-OIDs as well.
> My next step here is to reimplement prefixMap functionality in 
> separate file (module). PrefixMap functionality is to be 
> implemented as described in MS-DRSR documentation - currently
> there is such implementation in RPC-DSSYNC test and it is
> working fine (please see next patches).
> Patches from 0007 to 0012 implements:
> 1. new torture module DRSUAPI_TESTS. Intention is all DRS-related
> tests to be implemented in this module.
> My next step is to move RPC-DRSUAPI tests here. Those test cases
> are to be renamed and prefix will be DRS-RPC...
> I indent also to implement some internal unit tests for DRS implementation.
> 2. RPC-DSSYNC test is extended little bit. All attributes returned in
> replication are decoded and verified against the remote server we are
> replicating from. Decoded attributes are dumped out as debug messages.

I'm mostly happy with the patches, there're are some minor things in
the 0006-... patch, I'll try to comment on them in detail tomorrow.

One thing we should think about is that this won't work with existing
installations are the on-disk format of the prefixMap attribute has
changed... Do we care about that? (We'll have a lot of other changes to
do, which will also break the on-disk format, so I guess it's fine, but
I want other's to comment on this)


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