[IPA] Attribute Linking and Indexing

Endi Sukma Dewata edewata at redhat.com
Tue Oct 6 21:31:40 MDT 2009


This is a continuation of the previous discussion about extended DN problem.
There are 2 issues that need to be solved, please take a look at these pages:
- Attribute linking: http://www.freeipa.org/page/Samba_4_Attribute_Linking
- Attribute indexing: http://www.freeipa.org/page/Samba_4_Attribute_Indexing

DS has "Linked Attributes" and "MemberOf" plugins which can be used to link
objects. The "Linked Attributes" plugin is a generic attribute linking
similar to the linked_attributes LDB module. The "MemberOf" plugin can flatten
nested groups (i.e. the memberOf attribute will contain all groups to which the
user directly or indirectly belongs), but it doesn't seem to be possible to
configure multiple instances of this plugin. Does Samba need to flatten the


Endi S. Dewata

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