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Whelan, Gerard Gerard.Whelan at
Fri Oct 2 06:06:57 MDT 2009

   I need to make a folder read only under a fileshare that has full
permissions granted to it.  The fileshare with full permissions is
/u02/prodfileshare.  The folder I need to make read only for everyone
except the owner of the folder is called
/u02/prodfileshare/EFT/purchases.  Details of my configuration are
# ls -ld /u02/prodfileshare/
drwxrwxrwx  48 oraprod  dba         2048 Sep 30 14:31

# ls -ld /u02/prodfileshare/EFT/purchases
drwxr-xr-x   2 oraprod  dba          512 Oct  2 12:47
        workgroup = EXAMPLE.COM
        server string = Samba Server
        security = SHARE
        guest account = oraprod
        log file = /var/samba/log/log.%m
        max log size = 50
        dns proxy = No
        comment = Home Directories
        read only = No
        browseable = No
        comment = UAT Share
        path = /u02/prodfileshare
        read only = No
        guest ok = Yes
Even though I have denied write access to group and other on the
purchases folder itself using UNIX permissions, the users can still
write to the folder when connecting through Samba.  That's because the
guest account is oraprod.  This needs to be oraprod.  I have a test
system where I can try different configurations if anyone has any ideas.
If you need anymore information please let me know.
Thanks for your help,

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