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Christian Perrier bubulle at debian.org
Mon Nov 30 23:10:19 MST 2009

Quoting Andrew Bartlett (abartlet at samba.org):
> Jelmer,
> I had to revert your commit to remove RFC files from Samba4 releases, as
> it broke the build of our release tarballs - Heimdal uses python to
> extract tables from the rfc files, and then uses them to build header
> files. 
> Can we work to see if we can find a solution that is acceptable to
> Debian and does not break Samba to badly?

Please find below the text of the original bug report we got about
this (we got a similar bug report for samba 3, as it carries some
samba4 sources).

It proposes 3 solutions:
1) ask the author of the RFC to relicense it under a free license
2) repackage upstream sources without the offending documents
3) move the package to non free.

1) seems out of question as it would certainly require hairy
discussions with RFC authors while.....I'm not sure we (samba pkg
maintainers) are freeness-junkies enough to sustain it (IIRC I voted
against the resolutions that were attempting to make non modificable
documentation non free because I think this is more or less shooting
self in feet).

2) was possible but we preferred working directly with upstream (as
one of us is part of upstream) to remove the supposedly unmandatory

3) would be interesting..:-)

This, of course, to give you the maybe needed background for all this...

Severity: serious
Package: samba
Version: 2:3.4.0-1
User: debian-release at lists.debian.org
Usertags: nonfree-doc rfc


This source package contains the following files from the
IETF under non-free license terms:

+  samba-3.4.0/source4/ldap_server/devdocs/rfc4513.txt
+  samba-3.4.0/source4/ldap_server/devdocs/rfc4531.txt
+  samba-3.4.0/source4/ldap_server/devdocs/rfc4520.txt
+  samba-3.4.0/source4/ldap_server/devdocs/rfc4521.txt
+  samba-3.4.0/source4/ldap_server/devdocs/rfc4516.txt
+  samba-3.4.0/source4/ldap_server/devdocs/rfc4523.txt
+  samba-3.4.0/source4/ldap_server/devdocs/rfc2696.txt
+  samba-3.4.0/source4/ldap_server/devdocs/draft-armijo-ldap-syntax-00.txt
+  samba-3.4.0/source4/ldap_server/devdocs/rfc2849.txt
+  samba-3.4.0/source4/ldap_server/devdocs/rfc4512.txt
+  samba-3.4.0/source4/ldap_server/devdocs/rfc4532.txt
+  samba-3.4.0/source4/ldap_server/devdocs/rfc4515.txt
+  samba-3.4.0/source4/ldap_server/devdocs/rfc4529.txt
+  samba-3.4.0/source4/ldap_server/devdocs/rfc2891.txt
+  samba-3.4.0/source4/ldap_server/devdocs/rfc4517.txt
+  samba-3.4.0/source4/ldap_server/devdocs/rfc2307.txt
+  samba-3.4.0/source4/ldap_server/devdocs/rfc4527.txt
+  samba-3.4.0/source4/ldap_server/devdocs/rfc4510.txt
+  samba-3.4.0/source4/ldap_server/devdocs/rfc4518.txt
+  samba-3.4.0/source4/ldap_server/devdocs/rfc4524.txt
+  samba-3.4.0/source4/ldap_server/devdocs/rfc4533.txt
+  samba-3.4.0/source4/ldap_server/devdocs/rfc3296.txt
+  samba-3.4.0/source4/ldap_server/devdocs/rfc4511.txt
+  samba-3.4.0/source4/ldap_server/devdocs/rfc4514.txt
+  samba-3.4.0/source4/ldap_server/devdocs/rfc4522.txt
+  samba-3.4.0/source4/ldap_server/devdocs/rfc4519.txt
+  samba-3.4.0/source4/ldap_server/devdocs/rfc4526.txt
+  samba-3.4.0/source4/ldap_server/devdocs/rfc4525.txt
+  samba-3.4.0/source4/ldap_server/devdocs/rfc4528.txt
+  samba-3.4.0/source4/ldap_server/devdocs/rfc4530.txt
+  samba-3.4.0/source4/heimdal/lib/wind/rfc4013.txt
+  samba-3.4.0/source4/heimdal/lib/wind/rfc4518.txt
+  samba-3.4.0/source4/heimdal/lib/wind/rfc3492.txt
+  samba-3.4.0/source4/heimdal/lib/wind/rfc3490.txt
+  samba-3.4.0/source4/heimdal/lib/wind/rfc3454.txt
+  samba-3.4.0/source4/heimdal/lib/wind/rfc3491.txt

The license on RFC/I-Ds is not DFSG-free, see:
 * http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=199810
 * http://release.debian.org/removing-non-free-documentation
 * http://wiki.debian.org/NonFreeIETFDocuments

The lenny/squeeze release policy says binary and source packages must each be free:
 * http://release.debian.org/lenny/rc_policy.txt
 * http://release.debian.org/squeeze/rc_policy.txt

The severity is serious, because this violates the Debian policy:
 * http://www.debian.org/doc/debian-policy/ch-archive.html#s-dfsg

There are (at least) three ways to fix this problem.  In order of

1. Ask the author of the RFC to re-license the RFC under a free
   license.  A template for this e-mail request can be found at

2. Remove the non-free material from the source, e.g., by re-packaging
   the upstream archive and adding 'dfsg' to the Debian package
   version name.

3. Move the package to non-free.

General discussions are kindly requested to take place on debian-legal
or debian-devel in the thread with Subject: "Non-free IETF RFC/I-Ds in
source packages".


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