Creating vanilla object for helping the upgrade of non provisionned object

Matthieu Patou mat+Informatique.Samba at
Sun Nov 29 15:28:29 MST 2009

Hello andrew,

I was thinking and making tests with creation of vanilla objects in a 
The goal of this creation is to create same objects in the current 
provision and in the reference and to see how they differ and then to 
reapply on non provisionned objects (ie. users create after provision) 
the change.

But it turns out to be a quite complicated task: you have to create all 
the hierarchy for object and soon created object will have to comply 
with the mustContain attribute so it's gonna be quite hard soon to 
create with just a program.
And at the other hand I'm not very sure of what it can brings.
It is supposed to help with the upgrade of non provisionned object but I 
curious to know what are the attribute that are forced to a certain 
value like it was done more or less with template.ldb before.


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