Patches for upgradeprovision

Matthieu Patou mat+Informatique.Samba at
Sun Nov 29 09:57:34 MST 2009


Please find attach patches for upgradeprovision, it would be nice to 
have them in alpha9.

Patch 1: upgradeprovision will now look at the current domain level in 
the to be upgraded provision so that the reference provision is also 
created with the same domain level.
Patch 2: make upgradeprovision upgrade defaultSecurityDescriptor
Patch 3: handle upgrade of provision where the name attribute was not 
present initialy (ie. my provision !)
Patch 4: it turns out that targetdir can cause problem so remove this 
option as it can be replaced by -s path_to_smb.conf

They are also available at branch upgradeschema

let me know !

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