s4/torture: port SMBv1 RAW-LOCK tests to SMBv2

tridge at samba.org tridge at samba.org
Thu Nov 26 22:24:34 MST 2009

Hi Steven,

Another thing I noticed while fixing the SMB2-LOCK problems was that
the SMB2-LOCK test fails against a w2k8 DC with a signing error. When
you did your testing of it, did you run against a w2k8 box with
signing enabled?

I wonder if our SMB2 signing algorithm needs some updates to cope with
some of the types of operations used in that test?

The error is:

 Testing cancel by ulogoff
   Acquire first lock
   Second lock should pend on first
   Logoff user
   Check pending lock reply
 Bad SMB2 signature for message of size 73
 [0000] 7A FE 02 85 8F F5 93 7D   3C 69 A0 25 B2 20 34 01   z......} <i.%. 4.
 [0000] C9 48 4B 98 2A 11 7E 3C   FA 76 97 A3 54 31 B1 64   .HK.*.~< .v..T1.d

the test then hangs.

Cheers, Tridge

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