[PATCH] s4-drs: DsExecuteKCC() implementation

Erick Nascimento erick.nogueira.nascimento at gmail.com
Mon Nov 16 11:32:08 MST 2009

Hi Tridge,

Ok, I will work on those improvements as soon as I get DsGetReplInfo()
implementation done.

Best Regards,
Erick Nogueira do Nascimento
Institute of Computing
Campinas State University

2009/11/13 <tridge at samba.org>

> Hi Erick,
>  > I implemented the DsExecuteKCC() handling code on kccsrv_execute_kcc().
> Thanks for the patch, I've pushed it into the master
> repository. Congratulations on getting your first patch accepted!
> There are some minor things that could have been improved with the
> patch. You are welcome to send additional patches to fix these things
> if you like:
>  1) it would be nice to print a message at debug level 2 when a
>  kccsrv_execute_kcc() is called, so an admin can see that it is being
>  run
>  2) the DsExecuteKCC call takes some input arguments, for example it
>  takes a 'level'. It would be good to check the level, and only accept
>  levels that we know about. You should check what windows returns when
>  you send a bad level.
>  3) it would be good to have this as part of a smbtorture
>  testsuite. You could either have a new testsuite (call it something
>  like RPC-KCC) or you could do a call as part of an existing test,
>  perhaps something like the RPC-DSSYNC test. That way the code will be
>  run in the build farm. If you do this, then you should pass both an
>  invalid level and a valid level in the test, and make sure it gives
>  the right errors.
> Cheers, Tridge

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