Cannot open folders from Macbook after upgrade to Samba 3.4.3

shani wijaya ridgetreeway at
Sat Nov 14 13:54:14 MST 2009

I am seeing a weird behavior after upgrading to Samba 3.4.3. I have Netgear NVPro machine which was running samba 3.0.34. I had enabled posix ACLs on the file system and I managed the permissions using get/setfacal etc. It used to work fine. Recently I upgraded the firmware. It seems that the firmware upgrade bumped my samba version to 3.4.3. So here are the symptoms.
I can map a share with to the Macbook running OSX 10.4.6. However I cannot access(read) a folder that has rwx access explicitly set to the user mapping the share. In the same configuration, if I use a linux smbclient or a XP box or a Vista box I can access the share. Only ACL related change I see in the smb.conf is that in the later version (3.4.3) a module with seem to be enabled and loading for the share in question.
If I change the ownership of the file to the user mapping the share, I can access the share. Also the only other way I can seem to open up this folder is if I enable permissions to everyone (o::rwx). So looks like the ACL is spooking the Macos client. This true for many other folders of this nature. I can access the same folder have the same ACL on the 3.0.34 samba version. 
Has anyone experienced this before ? Please let me know your insights.
Thanks in advance


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