Todo List: Working on ParentGUID Fix

Fernando J V da Silva fernandojvsilva at
Fri Nov 13 12:11:04 MST 2009

Hi Tridge!

This approach has the advantage of simplicity, although it doesn't
> follow the normal pattern of doing searches in modules in an
> asynchronous manner. Async coding in ldb modules is quite hard, so I
> suggest you first get it all working in a simple synchronous manner,
> which means a constructor function that builds the parent DN and
> searches for its objectGUID.
I'm starting thinking about the Async coding... I debuged a few code through
modules requests but I still have a few doubts about how it works ... Is
there any documentation about the modules and/or any similar existing code
that I could follow as an example for the Async implementation?

When operational_search() is called, it builds a search request with
operation_callback as the callback function... That function is only called
after the search is done, right? I couldn't find where the reply message
passed to this function is filled (I suppose there would be the place where
I should fill with the parentGUID, would it be right?), could you give me
some tip?

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