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tridge at tridge at
Fri Nov 13 01:33:07 MST 2009

Hi Eduardo,

The problem you hit with renaming a object to have a DN with a
\0ADEL:XXX suffix was caused by a mismatch in the DN escaping in ldb
between the escaping and the unescaping rules.

The LDAP RFC2253 section 2.4 allows for 2 types of escaping. One form
uses \c (so something like \" for a double quote). The other form uses
\XX (which would be \22 for a double quote). The old code only
accepted the \XX form, but only generated the \c form. This obviousn't
didn't work!

I've now changed the ldb code to choose the right escaping mode
depending on the character, and to always accept either type of escape
type. This makes us follow RFC2253 much more closely.

So you can now do a rename containing a \0A in the CN, and it should

Simo, can you check that you agree with my changes? 

Cheers, Tridge

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