replmd_delete quick questions

Eduardo Lima eduardoll at
Wed Nov 11 14:13:42 MST 2009


I'm working on replmd_delete and I have two quick questions:

1 - How can I get the object's ldb_message (to use with ldb_msg_add_string)
if I only have the object's GUID/DN and  ldb_module/ldb_request vars?

2 - I have to insert the string "\0ADEL" into the object's DN, but
"ldb_dn_add_child_fmt" calls "ldb_dn_validate(child)" that calls
"ldb_dn_explode(dn)" that modifies the string "\\0ADEL" to "\nDEL" (\\0A is
interpreted as the hex of a line feed and a new line appears when I print
the new DN). Has anyone experienced this problem?


Eduardo Lima
Sent from Campinas, SP, Brazil

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