Build farm log

Eduardo Lima eduardoll at
Tue Nov 10 13:47:48 MST 2009


I'm starting a work of tracking Samba4 build errors (on PowerPC
architecture) using Build Farm and report them in bugzilla. I have some
questions and I would appreciate if someone can explain some things to me.
Suggestions are welcome too.

The latest PPC build done until this time is fd4061d (build Farm
Build status is: ok/ok/ok/ok

What does this status mean?

Error log field shows several errors. Some of these errors are in the make
field and others in the test field. Why is the status of make field showing
"passed"? All the tests have to pass to the build be considered green?

Do you have any recommendation about opening a bug report? It would be great
if someone else that is doing this kind of work could briefly explain how he
is doing it, thus we can follow the same good practices.

Thanks and regards,

Eduardo Lima

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