[IPA] SID allocation using DNA plugin

Endi Sukma Dewata edewata at redhat.com
Wed Nov 4 17:15:22 MST 2009


----- "Andrew Bartlett" <abartlet at samba.org> wrote:

> > Attach is another patch for the other problem I found during
> > provisioning. The relax control wasn't defined in the list
> > so the ldap_encode() failed and the request was never sent
> > to FDS.
> OK.  The patch's comment is incorrect however - it does have a network
> representation - it is a well-known and well-defined OID for LDAP
> network operations.

So do we need to write handlers for this control? Or do we still want to
remove it before sending the request to the backend (i.e. internal only)?
Please see the updated patch.

> Yes, this is the approach I was trying to head towards. Just make sure
> we don't run the LDB specific functions when we are trying to use
> OpenLDAP or Fedora DS. 

Ok, I'll try to make several incremental changes rather than one big
change. Thanks.

Endi S. Dewata

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