Todo List: Working on ParentGUID Fix

Fernando José Vieira da Silva fernandojvsilva at
Wed Nov 4 11:55:52 MST 2009

Hi there!

I'm starting working on the ParentGUID Fix issue mentioned on Samba Todo
List ( .
I've been following a set of recommendations pointed out by Tridge.

This is going to be my first code contribution for samba ... so, sorry for
any basic question ...

Following are some of Tridge's recommendations and doubts I have about it
and about the related code for this task.

> 2) in dsdb/samdb/ldb_modules/operational.c, change
> operational_search() to look for the attribute "parentGUID"

If I understood it right, in operational_search() it looks for  attributes
that are searchable but stored with different names and hidden attributes,
If so, should I include the "parentGUID" into the list of hidden attributes,
creating a new element on "search_sub" for parentGUID and a function that
"construct" the parentGUID dynamically? I've done a few experiments related
to this and it seems to work ... (I created such element and a function to
return a dummy parentGUID) but would it be a way to start coding a
right/suitable solution?

I suppose that, for fixing this issue, the parentGUID for existing objects
also shouldn't be returned when it isn't mentioned on search attributes,
right? So I should do something to avoid it to be shown without the
parentGUID search parameter ... But I still didn't found where exactly in
the code the attributes are gotten from the database (i.e. in which function
the parentGUID and others attributes are read from the database currently?).
Could somebody give me some tip?

Best Regards,

Fernando J V da Silva
M Sc Computer Science Student
Institute of Computing, State University of Campinas
+55 15 8801-2165

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