Fixing libwbclient struct wbcAuthUserInfo

Stefan (metze) Metzmacher metze at
Thu May 28 08:11:02 GMT 2009

Hi Kai,

> while trying to make Samba4 use wbcAuthUserInfoEx I realized that there's no 
> way to get the info3 structure winbind is putting into the extra_data 
> ndr_encoded, libwbclient just drops that. Now this is obviously a simple fix, 
> doable by adding a struct wbcBlob to the wbcAuthUserInfo struct, but that'd 
> break the ABI.

I don't really see what your problem is...

I think wbcAuthUserInfo has all you need to create a info3 structure.

> I don't really feel like adding a struct wbcAuthUserInfo2 and a 
> wbcAuthUserInfoEx2 call, which would be the alternative.
> Given that we're at version 0.4 of the library so far, I don't feel too bad 
> about breaking the ABI. Any comments?

If we really need more functionality, I'd be for a wbcAuthUserInfoEx2()


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