winbind and homedir path

Diego Zuccato diego.zuccato at
Wed May 27 10:44:09 GMT 2009

Hello all.

I'd need to map winbind-authenticated users to different paths depending 
on group membership (or "something" settable in AD w/o SFU). Is there a 
clean way to do it w/o using symlinks? I couldn't find anything useful 
in this case...

To explain better:
- I have two sites connected by a not-too-fast (and sometimes 
unreliable) line
- users usually work from one of the sites, but must be able to work 
from the other (even if it's slower)
- Sometimes a user changes his main site, and I'd like him being able to 
  work w/o using the inter-site line

So I thought to have:
- NFS mount /home/DOMAIN/siteA/
- NFS mount /home/DOMAIN/siteB/
- some kind of user mapping

No problem for authenticating users and creating new homes in one of 
siteA or siteB. But when an user that worked in siteA moves to siteB, 
I'd like to simply move his homedir from siteA/ to siteB/ w/o having 
symlinks around. I thought about having an AD group containing users w/ 
homes in siteB. What I still can't do is changing his $HOME before 
pam_mkhomedir ...
Uh... User's first login can happen from any of the two sites, but the 
home must be created according to user's group membership.

Any hints?

Diego Zuccato
Servizi Informatici
Dip. di Astronomia - Università di Bologna
Via Ranzani, 1 - 40126 Bologna - Italy
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