sendmsg, socket_wrapper and the samba4.blackbox.kinit test

Stefan (metze) Metzmacher metze at
Mon May 25 08:07:44 GMT 2009

Hi Andrew,

> I've been trying to investigate the reasons behind the failure of the
> samba4.blackbox.kinit test in Samba4.
> It seems that the samba4kpasswd binary (which is simply heimdal kpasswd
> compiled in our testsuite) uses sendmsg().  However, we don't have a
> socket_wrapper replacment for sendmsg() at the moment.  
> As I understand it, this isn't important except that we can't dump the
> message into a pcap file.  Is my understanding correct?

Yes, I think so.

> In any case, the error I get is:
> samba4kpasswd: krb5_set_password_using_ccache: sendmsg
> Transport endpoint is not connected

What about changing sendmsg() to sendto(), and use
make test TESTS="--socket-wrapper-keep-pcap samba4.blackbox.kinit"

And then take a look at the .pcap st/w/pcap.

or use make testenv SELFTEST_TESTENV=dc
and then export SOCKET_WRAPPER_PCAP_FILE=debug.pcap
and then run the test under strace.
and also do 'netstat -l -x -n' and ls -la st/w


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