Current status of WMI support in Samba 4

Michael Sievers msievers at
Fri May 22 11:03:46 GMT 2009

Hi !

The Paderborn Center for Parallel Computing currently evaluates the 
possibility of contributing a Hyper-V driver to the libvirt project. 
Hyper-V uses WMI as its primary API. Searching the web for a way using 
WMI from Linux showed us that there is a Samba 4 based WMI command line 
client in Ubuntu, based on Samba 4 (TP4). But TP4 is rather old, so I 
searched the mailing list archiv for mails concerning current WMI 
support. Last thing I noticed was an announcement of alpha 6, mentioned 
that WMI supported was reintegrated, but not as functional as before.

My question is how functional is WMI support in current samba 4 alpha 7 
  Is it usable ? How can I enable it ? I downloaded alpha 7 and tried to 
build the wmic/wmis tools, but didn't find an appropriate configure nor 
makefile option.

Best regards,
Michael Sievers

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