Removing BASE-DELAYWRITE in make test

Tim Prouty tprouty at
Thu May 21 01:43:11 GMT 2009

You have probably noticed that most of the build machines flip-flop
between passing and failing BASE-DELAYWRITE.  This flip-flopping
causes many of the build machines to send a build break mail for
nearly every commit that is pushed.  This makes it time-consuming and
error-prone to differentiate real build breaks from BASE-DELAYWRITE

Ideally we would fix BASE-DELAYWRITE, but since this has been
happening for at least the last few months and no one has looked into
it, I propose we remove it from the source3 'make test' temporarily.
It really seems to be doing more harm than good in its current form.
When someone has time to give it the love it needs, then it can easily
be added back.

Any thoughts?

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